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Affiliates / Resources / Terms post [
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affiliates, resources, and termsCollapse )

*this post is always on top*
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MOVING; journal closed [
3 2 07
Yes, the time has come for me to close this journal. I have created an icon community with my wonderful icon-maker friend jakesthesia, so you can find all my icons at our community now. I will leave this journal open, however, so you can still look at my old icons, but I will not post here any longer.

So, out with the old and in with the new. The new community is : 100years_icons! I will be posting as gilraenia there ;)

Attention Affiliates: If you are still interested in affiliating, please just change your links from aerial_icons to 100years_icons ;) If you no longer wish to affiliate, then please comment here and I will delete you from the affiliates list.
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RotK and Matthew Fox [
6 1 07
[ mood | blah ]

Can you believe it? I'm updating again! =D I don't have too many icons today, but whatever :P

[8] Return of the King (for icons100)
[10] Matthew Fox
[2] Johnny Depp (for whitegoldpearls)
[1] Beatles (for whitegoldpearls)


May the horse be with you...may the horse be with you everyday!Collapse )

Remember to comment, credit, and don't hotlink! =]

Also, I think I'm going to close this journal down, and either:
a) post all my icons at gilraenia OR
b) start a community for my icons so that I don't have to keep switching back and forth between accounts.

I've decided I'm making a community! I'll be thinking of names, but if you have any ideas let me know ;) AND...

If anyone wants to run the community with me and post icons and/or resources, that would be great :D It's preferable if you're an affiliate or I know you though :)

Me and jakesthesia (envision_icons) are opening a community together! :D Once it's up and running, we'll show it to all you dears ;)

That's all for now!
Erica ♥

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I'm aliiiive! [
12 12 06
[ mood | hungry ]

Yes, it's true, I'm alive :D Anyway, I'm back and I bring you icons, mostly of RotK for my claim at icons100 ;) So anyway...

[12] celebrities
[5] Lost
[17] RotK


you rearranged my life...must have done something rightCollapse )

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all skate! [
11 11 06
[ mood | giggly ]

Can you believe I just made 17 Skate icons in one sitting?? ONE SITTING! So here they are, and if you haven't seen last week's AWESOME episode of Lost and don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you don't look ;)

'What was that for?' 'I don't know...'Collapse )

Comment, credit, direct linking is evil.

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LOST fandom [
9 11 06
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm finally here to post more icons! :D :D Yay! There're mostly Lost icons today, so I think there's one or two season 3 spoilers ;) :D


what happens when an obsessive skate fan sees lost episode 3x06?Collapse )

Enjoy! Remember to comment, credit, and no direct linking! =)

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finally! [
16 10 06
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm finally updating again! =D Sorry it always takes so long....xD Anyway, I kind of went on an icon rampage because Sweet and Talented is the best site EVER! :D :D :D Also, I'm SO excited about Lost starting, I made a few icons of that too :D

Anyway, I have [21] Actress icons and [8] Lost icons, for a total of 29 icons! :D Beware, there are a few Lost season 3 spoilers!


When he called to tell me where you were, he was so drunk I could barely understand him...Collapse )

Remember to comment, credit, and no direct-linking! =) Enjoy =D

PS - sorry the table with the icons in it is all weird..I have no idea what the problem is =(

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I've been forced into this... [
27 9 06
DO NOT READCollapse )
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38 icons! [
24 9 06
[ mood | tired ]

Alrighty, I finally have some more icons! School has started and I've been SUPER DUPER busy, so that's why it's taken so long ;) Of the RotK icons, 12 of them are the ones I posted a link to earlier, and the other 9 are new :D (for icons100, remember?) I also made a different header for the journal! :D I like it, but I don't really like this style of layout, so I don't think it will last long =/...

[4] miscellanious
[3] Amanda Bynes
[21] RotK
[5] She's the Man
[5] Drew Barrymore

1-800-BIOTCH?Collapse )

No preview because I'm lazy :P Remember to comment and credit, and as Loleia says, HOTLINKING IS EVIL! x_O hehe...

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12 RotK icons [
9 9 06
Hey everyone! :D I claimed Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: General Movie over at icons100 and I've posted my first batch with 12 icons! :D If you want to see them, here's the link:


I'll also post them here later with the other icons I've been making :D

Let me know what you think :D :D

♥ Erica
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old icon meme [
8 9 06
[ mood | indifferent ]

Alright, so I got this from pa_0205 and loleia; it looked like lots of fun! :)

Post 8 icons you made a long, long time ago.
Remake the 8 icons using the same picture and the same text as you used in the old icon. Even the tiny text!
Post the 8 remade icons next to the old ones.

Old: New:

The rest under the cut...Collapse )

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i really am updating! [
24 8 06
[ mood | exhausted ]

Alright I really wanted to do this before I left, so here goes. Since I'm lazy, tired, and it's already 10.30 PM, the icons are not catagorized, but just deal with it =P I had a super hard volleyball practice today and I'm exhausted. *bleh*


You said 'I know that this will hurt...'Collapse )

Remeber to comment, credit, and don't direct link ;)

<3 Erica

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sorry, sorry! [
23 8 06
[ mood | busy ]

Sorry I didn't update this weekend like I said I would on gilraenia Last weekend was kind of busy, and this week so far has been SUPER busy, and I kind of forgot about it *whistles and walks away* LOL. I'll try and update tonight or tomorrow though, before I go up to my cabin this weekend, though I'm not promising anything!

<3 E

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ICONS! (finally =P) [
12 8 06
[ mood | sick ]

Alrighty! As promised, I'm back with a bunch (I think ^_^) of icons! :D Here we go....

[7] Channing Tatum (from She's the Man)
[5] Keira Knightely
[7] Harry Potter
[5] PotC
[2] LotR
[1] Star Wars
[1] Miscellanious

I believe that's 28 total icons! :D Yay!


So...do you like...cheese?Collapse )

Remember the rules: comment, credit, and don't direct link! :) Enjoy! :D

<3 Erica

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still alive [
11 8 06
[ mood | happy ]

Yes everyone, I just wanted to let you know, I am still ALIVE! I have just been at volleyball camp and busy doing other things, so I haven't had as much time to make icons. However, I do have some new ones, and I'm planning to make more, so I will update soon! (hopefully :P) :D :D

<3 ya all!

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more icons! [
21 7 06
[ mood | hungry ]

[EDIT] GGGGRRRRRRRR! OMG! LJ is being SO retarded! It won't let me update gilraenia! >:( Someone make it work! *pouts* [/EDIT]

Alright, I was kind of waiting until I had more time to make more icons before I posted this, but I'm leaving for camp tomorrow, so I wanted to post before I leave ;-) Today we have:

[9] Pride & Prejudice
[9] PotC 2
[5] Harry Potter
[4] LotR
[1] Star Wars
[1] Miscellanious

If my adding is correct, that makes a record 29 icons in one post! =D Yay!


I've got a jar of diiirt!Collapse )

Enjoy! =) Remember: no direct linking, comment, and credit! =D

I will be at camp from tomorrow until next Saturday/Sunday, so leave lots of comments for when I return! <3 I'll miss you all! *hugs*

<3 Erica

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I'm finally back!! [
10 7 06
[ mood | cold ]

Alright, SOOO sorry everyone about not updating this! O.o I kind of got caught up having fun over at gilraenia xD (btw - if you like fanfic go to gilraenia and read my first fic!) However, I am here, and I have quite a few new icons for you! :D :D :D I also have a new layout, thanks to damnicons :) :) Anyway, the new icons are:

[2] LotR
[5] Harry Potter
[1] Star Wars
[1] Hayden Christensen
[1] P!nk
[4] Relient K
[2] Narnia
[6] Pirates of the Caribbean
[2] Lake House

:D Yay! 24 in all! :D


Why is the rum always gone??Collapse )

I hope you like them all! :) :) Remember to comment, credit, and don't direct link! :)

<3 Erica

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personal LJ + 4 icons [
27 6 06
[ mood | bouncy ]

I just wanted to let you all know I finally made a personal LJ, so I will stop posting my ramblings in this one =) I will probably update the other one more than this, but no worries, I will still update this as often as I make icons ;-)

Now, feel free to friend me, and I'll friend you right back! Here we go...


Read the second entry to learn all about the name ;-)

And I also have a couple icons for you all :)

find the icons under the cut!Collapse )

Enjoy! =)

<3 Erica

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Songs [
24 6 06
[ mood | exhausted ]

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Dance Like This -- Wyclef Jean, feautring Claudette Ortiz
2. Caroline -- Seventh Day Slumber
3. Juicy -- Better Than Ezra
4. Beep -- Pussy Cat Dolls
5. Jack and Diane -- John Mellencamp
6. What Hurts the Most -- Rascall Flatts
7. High of 75 -- Relient K

I am tagging: envision_icons, celebwen2030, arien_elensar, _witchygirl, loleiasbits, kitoky, and vivielessar

<3 Erica

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Home from Washington DC! [
19 6 06
[ mood | scared ]

Hello everyone! You probably didn't know I was gone, but for the past week I've been in Washington DC, and now I'm finally home! :) Yay! I had a really good time there...we saw almost all the 'famous' stuff, such as the US Capitol, White House, all the different memorials, and a lot of museums! :) lol. Yeah, I had fun. It was just me and my grandparents, though, so I'm kind of glad to be free again, if you know what I mean ;). And I also finished school! :D :D That was (obviously) before I went to DC ;) I am officially a freshman (in high school) now! :D Unfortunately, however, I had a terrible dream about my first day of HS last night =/ Hopefully it won't come true! :P

So now that I've rambled about my life for long enough (maybe I should get a new personal LJ.... :?), I've got some icons for you! :) Not too many, but they should keep you happy for at least a little bit! We have:

[2] LotR
[1] Harry Potter
[6] miscellanious


live your life with arms wide open...Collapse )

Remember to commnt, credit, and enjoy! ;)


[EDIT] I forgot to mention that I edited the layout just the tinsiest bit. :) Did you notice? [/EDIT]

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